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Dynamic HTML

If you're tired of programming manuals that start with trivial details and examples and illustrate only the most basic demos, then this book is for you. In Dynamic HTML: The HTML Developer's Guide you will learn DHTML the same way you probably learned HTML--by looking at other people's source code. Because scripting with DHTML is much more complex than with regular HTML, many web developers are hesitant to begin learning this vital technology. Dynamic HTML is a valuable resource to help you master this important new skill. Both a comprehensive reference guide and a clear tutorial, this book explains the principles behind DHTML and, using a learn-by-example approach, enables you to acquire techniques for effective DHTML scripting. Inspired by the author's web-based DHTML Demos, this book contains solid examples of DHTML that can be taken apart and plugged into existing web pages for dynamic effects. Among its key features, Dynamic HTML offers: *Complete, easy to understand coverage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Document Object Models (DOM) for both Microsoft and Netscape versions of DHTML *Real-world examples that can be plugged in as is, including animations, drag and drop, timelines, pull-down menus, pop-out menus, transitions, and filters, for creating instant dynamic effects on existing web pages *A unique, learn-by-example approach that explains demonstrations in detail, taking the code apart line by line to illustrate the script in action *Coverage of Internet Explorer 5 and Netscape 5 *The perfect blend of conversational tone, solid technical explanations, personal insights, and valuable exercises that lighten the task of learning DHTML essentials The companion web site for this book, which includes sample code, demos referenced in the book, and working examples, is located at http://www 0201379619B04062001
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Table of Contents

Preface. Foreword. 1. Introduction. The Future of Web Content.Scripting Languages.A Brief Introduction to JavaScript Syntax.Other Scripting/Programming Languages.Standards.Desperately Seeking Standards.Compatibility.HTML Compatibility.Style Sheets (CSS) Compatibility.Scripting Language Compatibility.Creating Compatibility.Backward Compatibility.Style Sheets.HTML.Script Versions.Alternative Pages Using Browser Detection.Alternative Scripts Using Object Detection.Links.2. The Document Object Model (DOM). Netscape 4.0's DOM.Internet Explorer 4.0's DOM.W3C's DOM.Summary.Links.3. Cascading Style Sheets: A Brief Introduction. Cascading Style Sheet Support in Browsers.Differences Between Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4.Cursors in Internet Explorer 4.Default Settings.DIV and SPAN Tags.Differences Between Layers and Style Sheets.Linking DIV Tags and Style Sheets.Placement of Style SheetsPositioning of Elements on the Screen.Font Definitions.Spacing.Margins, Padding, and Borders.Width and Height.Text Alignment.Background Color and Image.The Future: CSS2.Media Type.Paged Media.Aural Media.Summary.Links.4. Mouseovers. Browser Compatibility with Mouseover Scripts.Text Rollovers.Graphic Rollovers.Swapping the Image Object.Multiple Images Displayed on Rollover.Summary.Links.5. Transitions and Filters. Transitions in Internet Explorer 4.Underlying Technology.Between-Page Transitions (Interpage Transitions).Same-Page Transitions (Intrapage Transitions).Other Resources.Filters in Internet Explorer 4.Underlying Technology.Performance Issues.Filter Application.Transitions in Netscape.Underlying Technology.Horizontal Wipe.Other Wipe Variations.Summary.Links.6. Resizing Graphics. Background.Resizing Options.Bulge.Growing a Graphic to Fill the Screen.Show and Collapse.Disappear.Moving While Resizing.Technical Issues.Browser Issues.Performance Issues.Practical Resizing.Underlying Technology.Examples.Basic Resizing.Bulge (Internet Explorer 4).Move While Resizing (Internet Explorer 4).Netscape Resizing.Summary.7. Pull-Down and Pop-Out Menus 95 Background.Technical Limits.Underlying Technology.Examples.Pull-Down Menu.Pop-Out Menu.Summary.Links.8. Drag and Drop. Background.Shopping.Children's Games.Test Taking.Controls and Interface Design.Technical Limits.Underlying Technology.Examples.Netscape 4.Internet Explorer 4.Summary.Links.9. Animations. Background.Types of Animations.Technical Limits.Underlying Technology.Examples.Netscape 4 Point-to-Point Animation.Internet Explorer 4 Point-to-Point Animation.Cross-Platform Path Animation.Summary.Links.10. Timelines and Sequencing. Background.Underlying Technology.Cross-Browser JavaScript.Active X and VBScript.Performance Issues.Examples.JavaScript.Active X and VBScript.Summary.Links.11. Internet Explorer 4's Multimedia Controls. Background.Underlying Technology.Examples.The Sequencer Control.The Sprite Control.The Structured Graphics Control.The Path Control.Summary.Links.12. Fonts. Background.Underlying Technology.Netscape.Creating the PFR File.Preparing the Server.Formatting Style Sheets and the FONT Tag.Formatting with Cascading Style Sheets.Notes on Netscape 4's Font Handling.Internet Explorer.WEFT: The Encoding Tool.Other Issues.Compatibility Between Netscape 4 and InternetExplorer 4.W3C Standards.Summary.Links.13. Creating Channels. Background.Evolution of Push Technology.Channel-Based Push Technology.Netscape Channels.Netcaster.The Webtop.Defining Web Pages as Channels.Creating a Channel via Netscape's Wizard.Microsoft Channels.Underlying Technology.Active Channel Content.Summary.Links.14. The Version 5 Browsers. Background.Internet Explorer 5.Netscape Communicator 5.Technical Limits and Underlying Technology.Examples.Dynamic HTML Behaviors.Dynamic Properties.Summary.Links.15. The Future. Web Designers.Allaire Cold Fusion (Sun and Windows NT).Macromedia Backstage (Windows NT).XML: Data Just the Way You Want It.CSS2 and XSL: Giving a Backbone to the Data.Web Users.Web Lifestyle.Services.Technology.Balkanization.Business Will Keep Us Together.Summary.Links.Appendix A. Dynamic HTML Authoring Tools. mBed Interactor.Players.Publishing.Incorporating Mbedlets into a Web Page.Conclusion.Macromedia Dreamweaver.Palettes.RoundTrip HTML Editing.Glossary. Index. 0201379619T04062001

About the Author

Jeff Rule is the Senior Interactive Developer at Discovery Channel Online. He was an early pioneer with Dynamic HTML using Netscape 4 and worked as part of the Internet Explorer 4 beta team. His work at Discovery was among the first to take web content from page-based content to online storytelling. His company, RuleWeb Development, provides consulting and development services for advanced media web sites.0201379619AB04062001

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